Since 1950 the professionals of the BLADE


Stella manufactures in Italy every kind of blade for agricultural machineries. Stella supplies the first equipment of many agriculture brands, OEM products, the original spare parts for quality retailers and for the farmers that are looking for a quality product. The company also produces special blades for many sectors like gardening, viticulture and recycling. Many special blades are studied in collaboration with important international companies and the star printed on every piece is the best guarantee of quality for the customers


Stella offers a wide range of knives, blades and implements for agricultural , professional gardening and for many industrial sectors.

OEM solutions and quality AFTERSALES.

Beside the standard products Stella engineering dept. design and studies several new solutions in cutting systems sector on customer's base request.

Laser cut, special heat treatment and special hardening covering are also services availables in Stella after the positive answer of engineering department


For any doubt or enquiry please write to Elisa and to Michela of customer support office at


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