Since 1948 always beside you to cut carefully

Since 1948 Stella is the loyal and quality partner of farmers and manufacturers of agricultural machineries across the world. The long tradition permits to Stella to export the italian know how in the agricultural, gardening and in many sectors where it's necessary an high level of performance in cutting solutions





Stella was born in Milan in 1948 when the steelworks and Ferriere Lombarde Falck decided to begin a process of vertical integration by creating a finished product of high quality and creating a production that was characterized by the manufacture of sections of the blade for mowers and for harvester combine.
STELLA brand is born. In short time the blades with the "star" are mounted on the main agri machines: Fiat, Laverda, New Holland, bcs, Cavalli.
The Stella blades quickly gain fame on the Italian market, becoming synonymous of quality and high performance in cutting systems.
In the early '90s is the spin-off of Stella from Falck group. The company was acquired by a new group specialized in high-carbon steels that initiates a program to expand the range of products. At the same time, it starts the international growth.
In 1996 the company moved to actual headquarters in Cellatica, near Brescia. Shortly after, in 2008, Stella Blades celebrate their first 60 years of success on the market.
Today STELLA is leader in Italy market and one of the main players in the field of cutting systems in Europe. Stella is chosen by important agricultural machinery manufacturers as first equipment, by the best aftermarket parts distributors and by farmers demanding more care of their tools. The standard production counts more than 500 different blades for agriculture, gardening, waste, and also many blades are made in joint projects with client companies.
The quality, the professionalism in being able to recommend the right product and the performance are the best guarantee of customer satisfaction. Our way.

                                                               Stella, 70 years of experience in cutting

Catalogue Stella Falck  - Milano 1968
Catalogue Stella Falck - Milano 1968
Steelworks Falck 1960
Steelworks Falck 1960
Stella quality is certify also with ISO 9001 :2015
Stella quality is certify also with ISO 9001 :2015